common questions

1 - How can I reach and communicate with customers if I have a query or any problem related to the website ?!

GALATA BEY has a special customer service department which is ready to respond to any inquiry related to the goods and the payment method during 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 24/7, 24/7, with full readiness for voice or video call, or thought live chat to know more about the specifications of the desired goods or to face any problem while you are using our website, in added to the possibility of continuing with you in the after-sales service.

2 - When are the goods I have purchased will shipped?

Dear client, as soon as you submit your order, the availability of the goods, you purchased from our site, will checked. Once the goods have been prepared and delivered to the shipping company, you will be notified and sent a tracking number to the shipment, that you can follow the current place of required goods.

3 - My order was approved but I am not informed about the shipping of purchased goods. What should I do?

Dear client, If your order is approved, the goods are in the process of preparing, packaging and transferring to the shipping company. Upon delivery to the shipping company, you will be notified, and shipment tracking number will be attached, If this process has been late, you can contact the customer service team and inform them about the problem or through the live chat or by calling our customer service number.

4 - I have been informed that the goods shipped, but the tracking number has not sent me, What should I do?

In this case, you can contact the customer service team through the live chat or, you can call the Customer Service, and inform them about your problem.

5 - How can I search for a desired product on your website?

Dear client, Galatabey provides you with an advanced search engine that allows you to search with several words, you can search for the word which you want in the website completely, you can select the section that you want to search in, then write the word related to product that you are looking for, and our website makes browsing easy by providing filtered search with all details that allows you to reach your desired product.

6 - How can I know if the product -in case it is clothes- fits me whereas it is not in my hands?!

Galatabey provides its clients with a "Measurement Information" tab which it is under the product's brief description, with an explanation about how to know in the case of clothes is fitting for client or not.

7 - Can I buy another product instead of retrieving the money that i paid for product I want to return?

We apologize dear client, this is not possible in our website.

8 - What are the countries that Galatabey market covers?

Galatabey market is currently available to residents of the following countries: Germany - Bahrain - Belgium - UAE - France - Netherlands - Italy - Qatar - Kuwait - Lebanon - Egypt - Oman - Jordan - Saudi Arabia - Turkey

Galatabey market is expanding to cover all countries.

9 - Can I advertise through your site, what ad placements do you provide and what it costs?

GALATA BEY website provides free advertisement opportunities for business and industrial owners through advertising spaces within the context of the plan to deal with our prospective partners, to nominate your request, please visit advertise with us section and fill out the form with required information.

10 - If I use my credit card to buy from your website, is the information of my card safe from theft or hacking?

Our website offers credit card payment through a secure server and an encrypted website. The security icon appears at the top of your browser with green sign and that refers the website is secure, the website is committed by security, confidentiality, privacy and encrypting all financial information of clients with highest degree of security.